About Me

I am a Time Lord: I travel to alternate realities and make people care about figments of imagination. I am the love child of Hermione Granger and Phoebe Buffay. I live in the make believe, and will bring your imagination to life.

Height: 5'1"

Eyes: Green 

Hair: Long, Light Brown

Location: Los Angeles, CA


South African

With a Greencard

Actor's Resumé

FILM (Unabridged)

For Science | Lead | Skyler Hart (Short)

Welcome to Country Club | Lead | Skyler Hart (Short)

Bedtime Stories | Lead | Francesca Nobili (V.O. Short)

Perfectly Flawed | Lead | Yuxuan (Hin) Wu (Short)

Boss Ladies | Lead | Michael McCarthey (Short)

A Word | Lead | Katleho Mallela (Short)

Inseperable | Lead | Zak Venter (Short)

Incubus | Lead | Tobias Smith (Short)

As Time Goes By | Lead | Sulé Pieters (Short)

Found | Lead | Peta van Zyl (Short)

Criminal Intentions | Lead | Matthew Robinsons (Short)

Lullaby | Lead | Charles Bester (Short)

The Improvised  | Supporting | Peta van Zyl (Short)

The Immorality of Us  | Supporting | Peiter Greef (Short)

Back to Freedom | Supporting | Wilson Oyourou (Short)

Asylum | Supporting | Lauren Smith (Short)

The Collector  | Supporting | Sharon Lucas (Short)

Ransom  | Supporting | Pieter Greef (Short)

Sodium Day | Supporting | Non Films (Feature)

2010 - present
2010 - present

Archetypes  | Principle | Indie Webseries

Floating the Boat  | Guest Star | Toasty Castle Productions


All In The Timing |The Victory Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Words Words Words | Swift

The Universal Language | Dawn Di Vito

Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread | Woman 1

Final Distraction: Book-a-Holic | Paige Turner | The Alexander Bar, Cape Town, South Africa

Woza Sarafina| Adriana | Cape Town Fringe Festival, South Africa

Culture Silenced | Mary Grief | The Arena Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa


Conflicts upon Request


Screen Actors System | Ryan R. Williams | Ongoing

La Imperial Dance Studio | Ballroom Dancing | Ongoing

On Camera Acting Class | Doug Warhit

The New York Film Academy | Masters of Fine Arts: Acting for Film

CityVarsity: School of Media and Creative Studies (Cape Town, South Africa) | Bachelor of Arts: Professional Acting

Upstage Concepts (Johannesburg, South Africa) | Heightened Theatre Coaching

SKILLS (Unabridged)
  • Accents: 

    • RP English (British and South African)

    • British Cockney

    • General American

  • Languages

    • Afrikaans​

  • License:

    •  Car - Stick Shift

  • Passport and Legalities

    • South African Passport

    • U.S. Permanent Resident - Green Card Holder 

  • Other: 

    • Swimming

      • ​​Snorkeling

      • Stroke Speciality: Mermaid

    • Cycling

    • Painting

    • Drawing

    • Ballroom Dancing

    • Hidden Talent: I can get out of handcuffs with a bobby pin